Meparik, a feyrie child in a green mantle, sternly holds a broom.

Welcome to Our Novelry!


ello, hello. We’re Gail, a queer little author and book designer who moved to Neocities recently. While we used to have a website through WordPress, we decided that we’d rather have a domain that gives us more control over our content and presentation. Making a usable website from scratch will be a fun way to test the limits of our CSS and design skills; over time, we’ll add all sorts of fun goodies here. Expect a lot of pages about our stories, and maybe a little bit about our plurality in the future.

Recent Additions: September 28th, 2023:

We’ve gone ahead and started working on the next Heralds of Rhimn book, meaning that our updates have slowed down a little. Still, motivation for the book means that we've had motivation to work on our Heralds of Rhimn pages! Other recent additions to the site include:

  • Started work on our Scribus PDF guide.
  • Made some tweaks to improve accessibility, like adjusting our font sizing up and making links clearer.

Expect us to really get to work on those Scribus & Sigil guides around March-May 2024; ie, when we start buckling down to format the next Heralds of Rhimn story. In the meanwhile, enjoy our other stuff, and thanks for visiting! Feel free to make friends with us on Neocities, and pop back in to see how the site’s progressing. (Or if we’re procrastinating!)


Essays & Guides

divider Book Design divider


nce we have everything settled in, we’re going to work on some guides for book design. And, more specifically, we plan to lay out ways to create ebooks for free. We’re going have opinions on glyphs and to teach you how to use Sigil & Scribus (freeware!!) to make ebooks all by yourself! The EPUB guide will probably happen quicker, but the PDF guide will probably be more thorough.

Let the designing of gay little stories commence!

divider Publishing divider


his is where we’ll put up some essays about the publishing process. Mostly, we talk about self-publishing, because that’s what we know. This isn’t an instant guide to megamillions success; it’s just a place where we explain practicalities like “here’s what an ISBN is” and “for the love of the gods don’t buy into these dumb publishing myths.”

Let the publishing of gay little stories commence!

divider Plurality in Media divider


ur explorations of plurality in media will go here. Expect these essays to pop up later, after we get all of our main pages set up.

divider Writing & Editing divider


nd here is where we’ll chat about the writing process. A lot of it is just gentle advice for getting unstuck, thoughts on worldbuilding, or ways to vary your sentence structure so that you don’t get stuck with basic meh text. Nothing too advanced.

Let the writing of gay little stories commence!