An image of one of the Novelry’s alters. When the page is refreshed, it chooses one of several chibis. One is Fade, a woman in a starry purple sweater. Ink covers her eyes and drips from the black angel wings and halo floating around her. Another is Fenn, a fairy boy with braided hair, fantasy garb, and a soft pair of moth wings. Two fluffy tufts of hair stick up like antennae. The last is Gail, a flowery elf with a dramatic green vest over his poofy white shirt. All of the chibis have long brown hair and glasses.

Meet the Author(s)!

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aily Novelry is a small, self-taught publisher run by one wood-traipsing he/him lesbian! We are fully feral for helping other people figure out how to design and publish their own stuff, whether that be a full-length fantasy series or a one-off ‘zine.

As for our own stuff? Well, we have about a decade of writing experience under our belt, and almost half a decade of general publishing tomfoolery. We currently have about three books of queer dark fantasy out on, and a bunch of other stories in the works. You can see those in “Our Stories.” The next Heralds of Rhimn story should go up like clockwork on May 20th.

This lovely website of ours will be a constant work in process; most of the graphics were made by us, with a few exceptions that either point to the site of origin, or that we plan to replace soon with our own stuff.

Unfortunately, our brain is sometimes made of scrambled egg. We do our best to keep up with everything, but we often need a little peace and quiet while we dive into our projects. We get things done erratically but consistently! And regardless, feel free to reach out if you want to chat with us; we’re happy to help if you have any questions about our projects or tutorials.

What more is there to say about us? We’re a midwesterner? We have a big sweet potato of an orange cat? We like alternative fashion? Hmmm. Maybe we should launch into the Q & A.

Q & A with the Novelry!

Q. What should I call you?

A. We go by a variety of names, but in this context, Gail will do just fine. You can also call us the Novelry if you want to refer to us by system name.

Q. Why do you use the singular “we” instead of “I” so much?

A. We’re plural and perfectly willing to look like lost nobility.

Q. What’s a he/him lesbian, and why do you use both male and female descriptors?

A. It’s what happens when plurality makes you technically bigender, and when you’re stubbornly romantic about the discovery that girl-liking is good and normal. Using feminine and masculine descriptors together is just a method of altering our gender presentation. It’s no different to us than changing our clothes or cutting our hair.

Q. Why the glasses?

Glasses are cool. Meganekko rights. By the way, consider getting a glasses chain if you wear them too? Good way to keep the darn things from getting lost when you take them off, or breaking if they slip off your face.

Q. Any hobbies or interests?

A. Loads and loads of them. We enjoy cleaning, sewing, reading, religious studies (pagan), studying medieval manuscripts, fantasy fashion, mori kei, ouji, sustainable fashion, VRoid modeling, writing, digital art, typography, font design, book design, visual novel design, and now website design. Some of these are things we are self-declared experts on! Some of these are thing we just fuck around with for fun. You get to decide which is which.

Q. Favorite music genre?

A. We’re partial to filk, bardcore, metal, techno, and trance. Dubstep’s not bad either and vocal synth stuff is pretty fun. Here’s a song you (probably) haven’t been recommended before!

Q. Favorite literary genre?

A. Take three different genres and run them through a pasta maker. Yummy.

Q. Favorite book?

A. A cursed and impossible question. We live in a world with many choices and no absolutes. If we must pick one, then let us introduce you to The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. It’s not as boring as it sounds! Well, so long as you like typography.

Q. Fan of fanfiction?

A. Yesn’t. It’s an admirable craft, but from both a writing and a reading perspective, we rarely partake. Genre fiction and literary fiction are more up our alley! We were a pretty big fan of TvTropes when we were younger, and that’s as close as we ever got to fanfiction communities.

A. What do you write about?

Q. The greatest theme in our works is likely that of autonomy. Our other themes stem from and weave into this. Compassion and rage, being trapped in something far larger and more terrifying than you, permission to reject humanity as the pinacle of progress . . . yeah! We make it sound more grand than it really is when we describe it like that. Suffice it to say that there’s a lot on our mind, and writing is a nice outlet for it all.

Q. Is there any way I can support you guys?

A. Consider grabbing some of our books on and leaving a nice comment underneath. We don’t really bank on making money off of these, but we like hearing about it when people enjoy what we do. They’re free on our birthday and half-off during Pride Month. You can also tip us on Neocities, but that’s not as fun as showing off our art.